The Neutrogena will 3D print personalized face masks

Neutrogena will soon allow users to print their 3D face masks. The new technology will be unveiled in a few days at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and Neutrogena will update existing Skin 360 tools to make it possible, and the Skin360 app was released last year to check an individual’s face and assess skin condition and moisture level.

Now, the company will design custom face masks with a new iOS app called MaskiD. Skin360 devices do not need to apply the new MaskiD, but according to Neutrogena, using Skin360 will provide a more accurate analysis of a user’s skin.

The new app uses the TrueDepth camera that was introduced on the iPhone X, XS, and XR last year to capture 3D images of a user’s face, and each mask is customized to an individual’s face. For example, the mouth and eye opening are aligned, eliminating the need to adjust the mask all the time.

The company will offer five ingredient options in the new mask: N-Acetylglucosamine, Star Anise, Stabilized Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Pure Hyaluronic Acid. These areas are the forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, chin and chin to cheeks. Users can choose components according to their specific needs.

For example, if the user’s skin is dry, then stabilizing vitamin C can be applied to the dry areas of the face. Masks are currently colored to represent different areas of the face, although this may change in the future with the release of wider levels of face masks.

Skin360 offers a detailed analysis of a person’s skin. Users can use the device to monitor skin moisture level and deep lines to assess whether the mask improves the complexion, and the company has yet to announce the official price. But it said it would go on sale in the third quarter of this year.

We saw shampoo and conditioner to meet the specific needs of our users at CES last year. Skin360 also allows users to narrow down the thousands of products Neutrogena sells and provide product recommendations.

Skin360 also gives users the feeling that they are in control of the health of their skin and is a great choice for users who take their beauty products very seriously.

Michael Sothall, director of research at Neutrogena and a pioneer in global beauty technology, said the company wants to use artificial intelligence to monitor skin changes and make recommendations based on skin conditions.

But first, the company will need to collect massive amounts of user data to train the AI ​​to respond to situations, and Neutrogena will collect this data through apps like Skin360 and MaskiD, and the company encrypts user data and 3D images of their faces. But the data will still be used to train AI, and it is important for users to think before using the app, and it is important to ask questions about how the data is stored.

Neutrogena doesn’t force its users to rely on Skin360, but instead allows the company to collect information about the users and the skin conditions they “face”.

At CES last year, Neutrogena released an iPhone accessory that allows you to accurately monitor the condition of your skin: pores, moisture levels and wrinkles that you didn’t even know existed a lot. The company, which has now branched out from the Skin 360, has launched an app that precisely scales your face to ensure it comfortably fits masks designed to combat these skin problems.

An iOS app called MaskiD uses the TrueDepth camera on iPhone X, XS, and XR to take 3D pictures of your face and create a mask that matches your face. The app is not required to be used with the 360 ​​Skin Tool, but by pairing it, the app will help determine the best ingredients for your skin needs. This system uses five ingredients, from hyaluronic acid smoothing to stabilized glucosamine peel, which are 3D printed onto the mask at the desired location. (Forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, etc.) are desirable.

Anyone who has ever used a mask is well aware of the logistical failures associated with applying it to your face. Incision is incorrectly positioned or you have many faces. (Or not enough) and often the upper lip stripe ends up in your mouth. So, while sheet masks are theoretically effective, the entire experience will not be as comfortable and rejuvenating as you think Instagram beauty influencer MaskiD has paid for – and that’s a huge hurdle to overcome.

MaskiD is sold exclusively on For buyers in the US since the summer of this year it is no surprise that there is already a waiting list so your first encounter with the product will inevitably pass an Instagram tutorial. But as with all things in cosmetology, one thing leads to something else very soon.

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 4, 2019 – Leading American skin care brand will launch its most personalized skincare product ever, Neutrogena MaskiD, at CES Las Vegas next week, Neutrogena.

Sebastian Guillon, President of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Global Beauty. In response to this unmet need.”

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