How to Best Gadgets for Working From My Dream Office

This year was rough. I don’t know about you, but I tried to spend hours on my bed, draped with my blanket and plush things, sinking into my mattress to forget the horrifying news cycle. For many of us, the ability to work from home also opened up new possibilities: from working beds.

Or, if #bedlyfe is not your jam, you should be the annoying spouse / roommate / parent who comforts us every morning by kicking and screaming from under the covers. I ask you: Why? The beds are warm and comfortable. The world is cold and harsh. In critical times, being comfortable is the ultimate form of self-care. With the right equipment, the bed can be more than just for sleeping – it can be a gateway to a comfortable life.

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter how many pillows I put on top of each other, nothing I really need support for. This child is a husband’s pillow with a masseur cutting the hair of the lumbar. Support and stress relief. In addition, it comes with an adjustable reading light, side pocket for magazines, books and smartphones, as well as a built-in cup holder (hydration is important, okay?). So what if it’s disgusting?

Listen Listen. Even though it is called a couchmaster, if you really think about it, your bed can also be a couch – especially if you have a day. Who says you can’t promote a giant 65-inch TV on the top of a drawer on the bottom of your bed as a temporary TV console? Not me! I currently have this setup valid. And while your lap is a good place for your laptop, you will likely burn your thighs in an 8-hour workday. This thing has a lapboard and mouse pad with a nifty cable management system and six USB 3.0 ports. Work placement. And with a little creativity, even desktop users can find life in that bed. Just hook your desktop to your TV so that it can act as your monitor, invest in a keyboard and mouse, buy this thing, and voila.

My first two suggestions were a bedsheet, the budget option that every bed-lover really wants. And this is the Tech Bed. It has a desk, a speaker for your music, a built-in safe box, a massage chair, built-in storage at the foot of the bed, a cabinet on the left side of the bed and an adjustable headboard. And it comes in 30 colors and many bed sizes! You can use virtually 90% of what you need in bed. When you are tired on a massage chair for some pampering you could roll over. I have spent many minutes, it did not help my husband. But when my dreams are crushed under their financially responsible boot, yours (or someone you love) should not be.

Or if you are buying for GaMeR, or someone who might prefer a more modular solution, you can check out Bohat Gaming Gaming Beds. The standard bed starts at 63,750 yen, but you can add more storage and components for a total of 126,300 yen. If you go all in, it has a monitor arm, slim bottle rack, hanger-table combo (so you can change out of one of your shirts), a “gaming sofa” (looks like a body pillow, to be honest. ), A bed desk, an adjustable headboard, several rollable side tables, gaming glasses and … a gaming ninja. easy.

What is this??? A regular nightstand? No! One of the main things — besides going to the bathroom — that forces you to get out of your comfortable bed is food and water. It looks like a nightstand to judgmental eyes but it is actually a small one. Now you don’t have to leave your safe place every time to get a snack or a thirst. You can just reach up, catch a cold, and be mindful of ‘what are you doing’.

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